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As one of the hardest material on the Earth, quartz are used to manufacture engineered stone products with esthetic appearance through technological processes such as vibrocompression vacuum process. The final products, commonly named as quartz stone, contains predominantly quartz, as well as some other materials such as colored glass, metal, shells, epoxy and polymer resin (an adhesive).

Quartz stones have plain colors and symmetrical figures. They do not contain microscopic pores or hairline cracks or scratches, as they are manufactured through vibrocompression technology. They do not absorb liquids, or they do not accomodate bacterias; therefore, they are hygienic materials.

Quartz stones have unique durability. They are best alternatives to granites. Having 7 mohs, quartz has high hardness value. That hardness make quartz durable to wear, abrassion and scratches. Quartzs are also durable to acidic liquids such as olive oil, vinegar, lemon, and wine. Quartz countertops are easy to be cleaned. They do not need to have maintenance and polishing.

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