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Granites are magmatic and felsic rocks with granular and phaneritic texture. They have predominantly white, gray or pink colors depending on the mineral content. Granites are widespread across the world.

Granites are ingenous rocks consisting of 20 % to 60 % quartz and other minerals.

Granites are durable against pressure, and strikes. Granites are polishable, and they need minimal care. Granites’ ability for retaining their colorful and shiny appearance for long years make them architectures’ favorite materials.

Granites were used to be quite tough to be fabricated and processed in the past. Today, thanks to technologies, granites are fabricated relatively easy. Granites have large spectrum of usage from building sidings to flooring, from kitchens to bathrooms, and from elevator door frames to fireplaces.
As one of the most durable and esthetic material, granites have varieties of color. They are hygiene friendly material as they can easily be cleaned.

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