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When choosing a counter for your bathroom or kitchen, you should consider quartz countertops! In this guide you will find 10 reasons why more homeowners and designers are choosing Quartz.

1. Wide range of colors and styles

There are hundreds of color options when choosing quartz countertops, and there are several different patterns and textures available. While some people go for the quartz that looks like marble, others opt for a more dramatic look. This availability allows the homeowner or designer to choose the right countertop to match or contrast their space.

2. Extremely durable

Quartz is a non-porous material, which makes it extremely durable. Quartz is both, heat and stain-resistant; therefore heat, wine, coffee, oil, and vinegar can all be placed on a quartz surface without harm. Hot pots also can be placed on a quartz countertop, and you won’t have to worry about damaging them. However, though quartz can hold up to all of the hustle and bustle in a kitchen, it is recommended that homeowners take steps to care for their quartz as well as possible, as no material is indestructible.

3. Competitive price

When it comes to countertops, most people have a budget to keep in mind, and in addition to the cost, value is also a concern. Quartz is a high-end surface at a reasonable price, that adds a lot of value to the home, which is important when it comes to selling the home.

4. Fast installation

Quartz is an affordable luxury that rarely has any imperfections because it’s a manufactured surface. Choosing Quartz will guarantee you a consistent product, and if you would like to match between surfaces this will be the perfect option.

5. One of the lowest maintenance options out there

One of the top reasons why Quartz has high demand is because of its low-maintenance and user-friendly qualities. Quartz surfaces are very easy to clean with mild soap and water, or you can purchase an over-the-counter cleanser that is specifically made for Quartz. There is generally no other necessary maintenance because the solid surface won’t ever need sealing, re-polishing, or waxing, unlike natural stone.

Homeowners won’t have to worry about water spots ruining the delicate pattern on their master bathroom countertops!

6. Anti-Bacterial Qualities

Especially when it comes to your kitchen countertops, quartz is an excellent, safe and hygienic option because it’s a non-porous surface, therefore it resists bacteria. It only takes a quick wipe with a damp sponge or a cloth with a little mild dish soap to keep it clean, so you won’t need to use harsh chemicals to get rid of germs.

7. Easier to repair than many other options

The uniformity of quartz makes getting repairs done significantly easier than others. It’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll need repairs to your quartz countertop, but if you do, replacing a broken piece is simple; different than granite, for example, if your countertop has a chip or needs a repair of some kind, you may have a tough time matching colors and patterns for repairs.

8. Stylish & matching veins

Quartz can be manufactured, to have a uniform appearance, unlike granite or any other natural stone. If you want your kitchen countertops to have a uniform appearance, quartz is the way to go.

9. Green material

Quartz is an environmentally friendly material; not only is it made from an abundant natural resources but the recyclable countertop also reduces waste because it offers a longer lifespan than any other countertop choice. This non-toxic material doesn’t contain any hazardous substances either.

10. Mimics natural stone

Do you want countertops that look like granite but are, in fact, Quartz? That can be done. Quartz is an engineered countertop that can look just like many natural stone options, including marble, granite, and others.

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