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If you are here, you probably have (finally) decided to change your countertops and started gathering information on that. Well, choosing countertop might be challenging, but no need to feel lost. It is not as complex once you know what you should consider before you decide.

You can start your countertop journey by asking these questions to yourselves:

  1. Am I good with home maintaining? 
  2. Am I careful enough to protect my countertops?
  3. Do I have a busy lifestyle?
  4. Is aesthetic my priority?
  5. Is practicality as important as the look?
  6. How much do I want to invest on my countertops?
  7. How big is the area?
  8. Do I want to add value to my house?

These questions will help you to understand what the best countertop option for you could be. Now let’s see these options and find out!









Bright Sides

Granite is one of the hardest rocks which makes it highly resistant to heat, cracking, scratching, and chipping. 

You can directly place a hot pan on it, it will not melt nor blister.

     *Trivet usage recommended for long periods.

You can cut on it, it will not scratch. 

     *This may cause your knives to get dull.

You can use chemical cleaners since acids and bases will not harm the material.

     *Repeated use may wash away the sealer which would cause needing re-sealing before the recommended time.

Granite is a natural material. It reduces your exposure to chemicals and additives and serve your health.

Granite’s uniqueness and exoticness will add value to your house.

Note that: Granite is a great option for outdoor kitchen countertops due to its heat resistance.

Unbright Sides

Granite’s porous texture will require regular sealing on a yearly basis. 

     *Unsealed or poorly sealed countertops can absorb oil, juice, wine and leave a stain. A poorly sealed granites can also nourish bacteria in its pores.

Beside its high durability, it is not impossible to crack or chip it under the right conditions. A struck by a sharp or hard object might cause a crack especially if it is dropped on a corner or on its weak areas.

Since it is a natural stone, the pattern and the color of the slabs can be different depending on the formation conditions.

Seams may be noticeable.

Be ready to go beyond the budget if you want your countertops to be blessed with the beauty of granite. 









Bright Sides

Quartz is a manmade artificial rock. Its non-porous structure makes it exceptionally durable and hygienic. 

Scratching, chipping, or cracking is not a threat for quartz countertops.

You do not need to stress when you spill something on it, it will not stain. 

It is a low-maintenance solution, no sealing is required.

Because it is non-porous, it will not nourish bacteria nor viruses.

Wider color range is available than the natural stones.

High quality countertops sure will add value to your house.

Unbright Sides

There are not many negative sides of quartz countertops. The biggest concern can be its low resistance to heat that it can be easily damaged even by a momentarily set hot pan.

Repeated usage of chemical cleaners may cause bleaching out or discoloring on the surface.

If the chosen quartz has many details, it may be challenging to hide the seams.

And yes, it is not going to be cheap.

Note that: Unlike granite, quartz is not a good option for outdoor kitchens because of its low heat resistance.









Bright Sides

Quartzite is a quartz-rich hard sandstone and one of the best countertop materials. 

Its hardness makes it highly durable to scratches and heat.

Do not require high maintenance. A simple cleaning with soap and warm water is enough to keep the surface clean.

Highly resistant to UV rays, ideal for outdoor purposes.

Appealing patterns and colors of it will definitely add value your house.


Unbright Sides

Spills on the quartzite surfaces should be wiped out immediately, although its stain resistance.

It is more expensive than its competitors. 









Bright Sides

Marble is one of the most popular countertop materials on the market. It is long-lasting in the right conditions.

It is heat resistant, can handle hot pans and pots.

Marble is a lifetime classic because of its elegant look which makes it a great investment.

Unbright Sides

Marble is considered as a soft rock compared to other natural stones such as granite and quartzite. Thus, it is not as strong as others.

It will absorb spills easily such as juice, wine and oil and it is almost impossible to clean them. It is recommended to clean it with soap and warm water immediately after spilling.

Chemicals may damage the structure due to its low resistance.

No two slabs are going to be the same, so be sure you see them before purchasing.









Bright Sides

Porcelain is a manufactured product made with natural materials. It is manufactured at extremely high temperatures so it can handle heat. 

Due to its hard structure, it is hard to scratch porcelain.

Almost completely stain-proof that do not absorb liquids, so it is rare to observe stain.

Easily cleaned off, do not require sealing.

Chemical-resistant. Chemicals will not damage the surface and cause discoloring.

UV light resistant. Sunlight will not discolor your porcelain countertops.

Wide range of color and pattern will expand your options.

Note that: Porcelain is fabulous for fireplace covering.

Unbright Sides

Porcelain is not extremely a common material, so the supply and the availability will be limited on the market.

One of the biggest issues with porcelain is being less resistance to cracking than other countertop materials. 

Beside its scratch-resistance, ceramic knives can scratch the porcelain.









Bright Sides

Dekton is a highly durable low-maintenance man-made quartz. It does not need sealing or special care.

Stands up to UV lights and highly heat-resistant which makes it a great choice for outdoor kitchens.

Dekton is also non-porous, so stain is not a concern. 

Its chic design and durability will add value to your house.


Unbright Sides

Even though it is durable, it is possible to chip or crack Dekton countertops if a heavy object dropped on it.

It is affordable, however not the cheapest material on the market.

So dear readers. every beauty has its imperfections, but now you know what to expect before purchasing your countertops. Knowing what to consider will make the decision process easier. 

If you want to get information on thickness, edge, and finish types of countertops, you can visit (Part 2).

For more detailed information, you can always contact countertop stores in your area.

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